A Positive Cover Letter after getting Laid Off

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(I was recently laid off from my Front End Web Developing job due to COVID-19 and this is a sample cover letter I composed to a prospective employer.)

Hello (name),

I am very interested in the remote Frontend Designer position at (company name) Attached is my resume.

I have a diverse background, which in addition to Web Design and Developing, includes communications, journalism, editing, data entry, sales, and advertising. My most recent position was as a Frontend Developer for The Boeing Company, but I was laid off due to COVID-19.

I worked at Boeing from 02/11/2020 to 03/26/2020 and was really excited to contribute my hard work ethic and skillset to a renowned company. During my time at Boeing, we were assigned to work remotely for about three weeks before I was laid off. Working from home, I was able to keep up with my website maintenance duties along with building a new page located on Boeing.com.

During my abbreviated amount of time at Boeing, I worked on the main Boeing.com site as well as a myriad of internal websites, some of which I was able to go in and quickly dissect and inspect in order maintain the organization and coding style and conventions of each site.

At Boeing, the main technologies and languages I used were Visual Studio Code, Teamsite CMS, Beyond Compare, Photoshop, HTML5, JavaScript (ECMAScript 6), CSS3, JSON, and PHP.

In addition to my career accomplishments as a Web Developer, I earned a Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree from TeamTreehouse.com (MERN stack) and am currently working on the UX Design Techdegree from Treehouse, having finished seven of 10 units.

I am a person who feels comfortable working in the sweet spot between design and development but am able to do either equally well.

Please see my attached resume for more information.

Also, feel free to contact my former supervisor at Boeing, (name), (email).

My other references are listed below:

(name): (phone): (email): (title):
(name): (phone): (email): (title):
(name): (phone): (email): (title):

Brian Kidd
Web and Multimedia Developer

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