Multimedia Developing

This week was a week of finding patience in refining my crafts. I decided to give Mobirise a chance as a way to build lightweight websites on the fly. These websites are supposed to be mobile-friendly, and they are, for the most part. That is if you stay within the framework of the templates and do not customize them too much. My workflow for Mobirise is as follows: 1. Insert all of your blocks first (edit those blocks using the block editor) 2. edit your code with the Mobirise HTML editor (if you have that extension) 3. Publish your project locally to your computer so you have access to the website’s directories (For instance, now you can add images to the image directory and, using HTML, enter those images into your website outside of the confines of the Mobirise site template.) 4. add images to your site (<img src = “…”>) in a text editor such as Notepad++ or Dreamweaver 4. polish your code up to make any changes to the HTML5 and CSS3, use an FTP client to export the site to your host for public-facing website publication.

Within that workflow, I have been working on tweaking the website with Notepad++ and using CSS Media Queries to make the site responsive so that it looks good on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets and cellphones. I am having a bit of a struggle tweaking the welcome page within the Bootstrap framework that Mobirise utilizes, but am coming along slowly, but surely. Right now I am having issues at screen sized width 768px, I think because there is a conflict between the bootstrap framework and my media query customizations. I plan to resolve this issue next week.

On the music front, I am still developing beats. Today I wanted to concentrate on making custom drums from scratch, no loops. I was inspired to make a beat with a syncopated sound similar to what John Bonham might program if he was an electronic music producer. The following beat was inspired by his work on the song “No Quarter.”

I am most happy with the simple yet poignant drum fills I programmed. You can see the drum roll in figure 1.2 .

figure 1.1BonHam Trance

figure 1.2

BonHam Trance Roll

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