“Beet” high blood pressure!

Like many of my relatives my blood pressure fluctuates dramatically at times. It was one day at the eye doctors, after being diagnosed with early onset narrow angle glaucoma and Central Serous Retinopathy in my left eye (both conditions I have gotten treatment for), that the eye tech took my blood pressure. Now, I was obviously stressed by the diagnosis, especially because of my relatively young age, but my blood pressure was very high. 176/96 to be exact. The eye doc told me to go straight to the Immediate Clinic and get some meds. It was lower at the immediate clinic, but still high (155/90). I was really surprised, because a mere year earlier it was normal. My lifestyle had changed a bit, however. I was exercising less, not doing as much Tai Chi and Qigong, eating more randomly and less healthy foods and my screen time had gone up dramatically since going back to school. I would program up to 12 hours a day, sitting the entire time. I had to make some lifestyle changes fast. High blood pressure is not something to ignore, as it can lead to some serious health issues.

After being on a low dose of an ACE in inhibitor for about a year, I decided to look at alternative means to lower my blood pressure. In addition to going back to exercising and internal martial arts, (and also my new love, bicycling) I discovered the power of juicing certain fruits and vegetables and how they can lower my bp. Take today for instance. This morning, I used my Breville juicer  to concoct what I call BK’s Beetlejuice. (Try not to think of Michael Keaton in that horrific makeup while you drink it. Or maybe you like that look, and if so, carry on.) The ingredients in this juice include one large beet, about 4 carrots, about a handful of spinach (as you can tell, I have not created exact quantities and/or measurements for each ingredient) one large green apple, one large Navel Orange, one lemon and the optional half cup of strawberries or raspberries. Then, when all of those ingredients are juiced, I pour about one pint, or sixteen ounces, of coconut water through the machine. The cool thing is, not only does this add tasty coconut water to your juice, it also adds more high-blood-pressure-fighting potassium to the drink AND cleans any excess juice left inside the machine from the other fruits and vegies.

I just consumed about sixteen ounces of this drink about one hour ago. I took my blood pressure about ten minutes ago and it was 110/77. I have been drinking this juice almost daily for about two months now. For more information about foods that fight high blood pressure, including beets, check this out.

Because I have chosen the primary vocation of Web Developer in which I could be sitting up to several hours at a time, I also plan to purchase a desk riser so I can stand while doing much of my work. The health benefits of standing rather than sitting at work have been well-documented.

So there you have it. Just a simple suggestion for those who suffer from high blood or maybe those who just want to try a healthy and delicious drink.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to go watch Beetlejuice but only because I had a childhood crush on Winona Ryder. She was delightfully, “strange and unusual…”





Working on Personal Portfolio

I have spent the last week creating a rather simple, yet hopefully effective, personal portfolio for my Web Media Development. I graduated from Cascadia College this June with a degree in Web Applications Programming Technology and am very eager to start working on projects. These can be anything from writing short stories to programming an MVC site in Visual Studio. I absolutely love the world wide web and hope to contribute interesting things to this vast and expansive network very soon. In the meantime, check out my website http://www.briankiddmedia.com for a few examples of my past work as a journalist, web programmer and musician. Oh, and as you can tell by my last sentence, I do not believe in the Oxford Comma, no siree.


Brian Kidd